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Carpetbaggers have a long history. The first Carpetbaggers came to the South from Yankee states after the Civil War to make a quick buck. Later Carpetbaggers moved to the South in the 1970s when the big 3 automakers in Detroit started to fail. Modern-day Carpetbaggers primarily move to 5 cities in Texas (El Paso, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas) to escape the wretched economic prospects of their home states (usually California and Yankee states). They will take jobs from Texans and are generally ungrateful bastards, frequently calling Texans rednecks and complaining about how it sucks here as compared to their squathole in Mexifornia or New England. If Texas sucks so much, then why are you here?
The most famous modern-day Carpetbagger is Joseph Stack, the guy who rammed his plane into the IRS building in Austin.

Get out of Texas, carpetbagger!
by nbakuchev June 06, 2010
The people who say our generation is the dumbest generation, yet their generation caused a global economic meltdown. It wasn't the Millennials buying up houses they couldn't afford and giving those loans out. It wasn't the Millennials racking up enormous credit card debt and creating a society based on material goods. (Despite their former Hippie days where they spurned materialism, these baby boomers have become the most materialistic generation).

They will suck us dry with exorbitant Medicare and Social Security costs, leaving no social safety net for those who are under the age of 40 as of 2010 officially screwed.

They will talk ten kinds of shit about how our generation is entitled, but recent research suggests we may be the most frugal generation since the 1930s due to the financial crisis that baby boomers started.

The people who make up the vast majority of Teabaggers and rail against the obscene spending they spurred on and even engage in on a regular basis. Thus, it is reasonable to assume these former far-left wingers and idealists are trying to reform society into their dystopian vision still held over from their Hippie days.
You can thank the baby boomers for destroying the society the Greatest Generation created.
by nbakuchev October 02, 2010
Originally created to help the unfortunate during the Great Depression, it turned into a multi-billion dollar ponzi scheme that will never be voluntarily abolished due to the lobbying power of the AARP and the fact that old people vote more. Social security takes a little over 20% of total expenditures, and the privileged gerontocrats that lived long enough to receive it get three times the amount they paid in the first year of receiving benefits. Most Gen Xers and Millennials will never see a penny of the FICA money they paid in because economists estimate the money from social security will run out by 2030.
Guy 1: "Man, I'll never see a penny of social security money."
Guy 2: "That's because teabagger baby boomers are going to suck off all your hard earned dollars while simultaneously asserting that socialist programs need to stop."
by nbakuchev June 06, 2010
broh-skee-zee (noun)--what the biggest douchebag in the world calls his male friends
Sup broskeezee?
by nbakuchev July 13, 2010
Dictator perpetuus of Texas come November 2nd and the future president of the United States with Sarah Failin as his veep.

He won in 2006 with a whopping 39% of the vote.

He rode in on Dubya's coattails.

A vote for Rick Perry is a vote for Bush. Unfortunately, the shit-kickers and suburban retards think Bush was the greatest president ever since Ronald Raygun.

Despite what Perry says, Texas is a de facto sanctuary state that is billions in the hole with a piss-poor education system. We barely escaped from the financial crisis due to the fact that Texas has been immune to economic collapse since the 1800s and Perry had nothing to do with that.

Hitler would have been in office less than Rick Perry if he wins this year.

Remember to vote for Bill White on November 2nd. He may not have the greatest hair, but at least he's not a slimeball bastard.
I am Governor Rick Perry
I'm suave as you can see
Soon I will be president...
Obama power will soon go 'way
I will be fuhrer one day
I will command all of you
Your kids will pray to God in school.

Texas Uber Alles.
by nbakuchev September 25, 2010
Possibly the worst fucking alphabet agency you'll find. They plunked $9 million (1973 dollars) into getting Salvador Allende out of office, but were too goddamn stupid and it took a junta with half the IQ of a CIA agent to overthrow the government. Any successes they have, they fall ass backwards into. They were put in charge of "interrogating terrorists," but did more to piss off the Arabs and turn non-terrorists into actual terrorists once they got out of Gitmo.

Gives more ammo to a radical imam than an al-Qaida video of an Abrams tank getting blown up to the sound of a muezzin giving the adhan.

Acronym for "Can't Instigate Anything."

The worst waste of money in this country besides Bush Jr's presidential pension.

The place where people who can't get into the State Department or FBI go when they fail the entrance exams.
I heard the CIA gave the prince of Jordan a bunch of New York hookers in the 70s to keep King Hussein on our side.
by nbakuchev June 06, 2010
Used by bitch ass rich people who live near Downtown in those million-dollar condos by Minute Maid Park to refer to their prestige.
Those who live inside the loop in the 713 are cultured and refined.

Those who live outside the loop in the 281 are the unwashed.
by nbakuchev July 16, 2010

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