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2 definitions by nb*mb

1. An acronym used to reflect the four words; i.h - how, ii. m - mad, iii. a -are, iv. you.

2. Used in an insulting manner or in manner of ridicule to described an individual's increasing anger, frustration, anxiety, or animosity.
1-2. H-may man since I blatantly humiliated you in front of everyone here today?
by nb*mb March 25, 2010
1. Pronounced "deez-ear"; used to replace the words 'these' and 'here'.

2. An urban (street) or Ebonics term used to represent an object or group within physical or visual proximity.
1. Deezear are most certainly the most delicious chocolates I have had in a while.

2. Deezear posers think they can cause us a challenge.
by nb*mb March 26, 2010