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A person who strays from society, and has minimal contact with strangers or friends. This type of person usually stays in their house or apartment, and plays video games or does work all day. Usually they are anit-social.
John: Dude, have you seen Frank lately?

Bob: No man, he's a complete social ghost. He stays at his house on a 24/7 basis.

John: Man, he needs to get out and interact every once in awhile.
by naydanger89 February 16, 2011
Stands for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. This agency belongs to the Department of Homeland Security. The agency has a duty of investigating people and things that come to this country illegally. A few of the crimes they deal with are: drug smuggling, human trafficking, gun smuggling, child pornography, terrorism, illegal immigration, and gang activity. The agency was established around 2003.
Jose: Hola amigo! Let's get these drugs and guns across the border. I bet we can get past the border patrol.

Alejhandro: Naw man, we still have the ICE to deal with. Them boys is smart, they have to go to college amigo!
by naydanger89 April 13, 2011
Acronym for "warm the fuck up". Usually said by people who dislike the cold weather and would like to see a warm change.
Bobby: man I wish it WTFU.

Devon: quit bitching bro, it's winter time.
by naydanger89 December 06, 2010

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