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the honors student is one who fights for the extra point after they already have a 100. they dont just the hundred, they need the hundred and one. in an average honors class, you might find bloodthirsty competive opinionated jerks who are so socially backwards it hurts. these students tend to believe that the 'advanced students'and 'average student'are inferior....which makes it that much more embarassing when the inferior students get the 101
You are such a fucking honors student!!! why do u want that extra point!?!?...ur average in the class is a 98!! jeeez whats wrong with you?!
by nay and amers June 10, 2006
the smartest,lonliest person in a graduating class. when someone tries for valedictorian, they lose all their friends.in their spare time, these valadictorians do homework, read, and play hackysack with and occasional guitar break.
girl one: wow look at that kid playing hacky sakc
girl 2: ew i know....hes valedictorian
by nay and amers June 10, 2006

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