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1.) A sexual act and concept where 5 midgets, or little people, are standing over the slip-n-slide mat, front to back, while you jump and slide down it - esentially getting teabagged by 5 little men. This concept was created in Osaka, Japan, and is starting to become repected throughout the south-asian community.
2.) A line of naked female midgets stand on top of a slip-n-slide, and grown men take turns peeing on them until all of the females have slipped off their feet, somewhat like pins in a bowling lane.
"By the time the fourth ball sack hit me in the nose, I was risen with excitement. I never expected a midgislide to be so enthralling"
by nawcom November 15, 2006
a.) bhtooefr.

b.) Anyone with related genes to the legendary bhtooefr.
"I can't believe I know who the blowhard turd is!"
by nawcom October 23, 2006
a.) The act of defacating feces which has a range from a slight to glaring hue of blue and is in a shape that somewhat represents the body structure of a monkey.

b.) Defacating into a toilet that has blue cleaner in it.

c.) When thegleek states an expression which results in a response from a person with average IQ in the form, "You've got to be shitting me!"
"I gleekshitted in your momma's toilet."
"Quit gleekshitting."
by nawcom February 21, 2007

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