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(n) Norwegian. A town where almost every street is called Feenveien. Check out your favourite online mapping application iff'n you don't believe it.
I'm going to Feen this afternoon - can you help me find me way? I believe I head for Stokke, then take a number of Feenveien until I magically land in the right spot.
by NaughtyJim October 29, 2010
To acquire something immediately but pay for it later. Most often used when buying drugs but quite valid for any kind of purchase.

There are thee possible origins of the term:

* The vendor keeps a list of who owes what, and "ticks" them off the list on payment
* The vendor has to wait, the clock is ticking
* The customer is a filthy parasite, like a tick on a dogs back.
Customer: What sandwich can I get for six-fiddy?
Vendor: Sorry, sandwiches start at eight dollars.
Customer: Can I get one on tick?
Vendor: I think not.
by NaughtyJim December 05, 2010
Politically Correct gone mad. Towards the end of the Julian Calendar cycle, the company you work for may invite you to an event formerly known as a Christmas Party.
Company email: You are hereby invited to the Non-denominational-end-of-Julian-Calendar-event. Please respond by Thursday if you wish to attend. There will be ham.
Employee response: No dice baby, I'm celebrating Christmas that day.
by NaughtyJim December 06, 2010
(n.) Plural form of Jesus. Only has a few applications in daily dialog, but they do exist
1. If he comes again, there will have been Jesii
2. Wow, I love this art gallery - check out all the Jesii
3. I had so many grumpy moments today, I let out many audible 'Jesii Christs'
by NaughtyJim October 18, 2010
The process of building places to park cars. The term was originally coined by musical legend Joni Mitchell in 1970.
They paved Paradise, and Puddapa parking-lot
by NaughtyJim January 07, 2011
The cruellest food in the known universe, but strangely one of the tastiest.
The process of making a sausage is as follows:

1. Kill some animals
2. Chop them into tiny bits
3. Shove them back into their own arseholes (well OK, intestines but arseholes is wittier)
4. Burn the result
by NaughtyJim October 30, 2010
"Fairy Street". Almost every street in the town of Feen, in Norway, is called "Feenveien". Check Google Maps iff'n you don't believe it.
My address is 17 Feenveien. Go to the centre of Feen, then turn left at Feenveien, left at Feenvein, left at Feenveien and then right at Feenveien. We're 8th on the right.
by NaughtyJim October 29, 2010

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