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1) A sexy and handsome Mexican Man
2) A great father and partner
3) Intelligent and hard working
4) A great lover and very loyal
5) Who is a passionate lover
6) Who is my best friend
7) The best software engineer in Oceania

8) Who makes me climax
9) A caring man
10) The man of my life
Arturo is a very loving man, who makes passionate love to me.
by naty May 29, 2012
An unbearable arrogant self-centered freak whose existence is marked by the search of a hot chilly vixen to make him feel Mr. Know-it-all in control.......at least for a while.
"Nardos are like mosquitos: nobody looks for them, they come to piss you off...and to bad nardos will never be wiped out" - Kaze Xoor
by Naty December 11, 2003
Spicy Girl Power woman who can play just as tough as the boys.
"Car & Caps are the red and pink hot chilly vixens against Captain Tolosa and his henchmen!!!"
by Naty December 11, 2003
Short for British.
* Used as in "Brits Out!": graffiti from Ireland.
* Man! those argentinians should punch the brains outta those brit's ears!
by Naty March 06, 2004

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