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Getting caught using or selling drugs. Used mostly to describe drug dealers. Usually they have to stop selling because of it.
Is Karen on tonight?
I heard she got knocked last week, so probably not.
by NatureLover111 October 11, 2006
To get someone their drugs.
Hey lady, I need an eighth. Can you come through for me tonight?

I'm about to be selling, if that ounce comes through today.
by NatureLover111 October 10, 2006
What you say when you see someone eating, drinking or smoking something that you would like a taste/hit of.
Hey, lemme hit that square.
Hey, lemme hit that blunt a few times.
Hey, lemme hit that beer.
Hey, lemme hit that Dr. Pepper, once then I'm cool.
Hey, lemme hit that cake.
by NatureLover111 October 10, 2006
lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)
I asked my friend if she had a good cids connect.
by NatureLover111 October 10, 2006
To use cocaine or marijuana.
We got a blunt and we were blowin' last night.

I'm about to be blowin' this line.
by NatureLover111 October 10, 2006
When you get the correct amount of grams of pot for the money you paying.
Damn if this ounce isnt on scale, I wont buy from this lady again.
by NatureLover111 October 10, 2006
Masturbate or Masturbation

Also can be said, "MBing"

MB is the not so secretive act of:
a. inserting a hairbrush, remote, or dildo into the pussy (ass)
b. using a toothbrush on yr clit
Kelly MBed with her stepfather's toothbrush.
Liz MBed in a Methodist Church once!!
by NatureLover111 October 17, 2006

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