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actual defintion: someone who sleeps with somebody before they are married and has no religion
HOWEVER - often used as a cuss in private schools
*purrnya throws packet of biscuits across room and it falls to ground and they all break and spill everywhere*

frankie: you are SUCH a hethen jezobel!!
purrnya: actually i may be a hethen but i am not a jezobel :)
baksturst: i agree with frankie you whore :P
by natttt =] December 10, 2007
sheep i'd like to fuck
pratshan: wow look, a pink SILF i've never seen one of those before
frankesky: bugger off you butters minger. UGLYYYYY. mmmm that is a nice SILF though =]
by natttt =] December 11, 2007

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