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2 definitions by nation161

The team whose fans consider 'the best team in baseball' because they win an average of 1 world series every 83 years.
The Red Sox finally won the World Series after nearly a century. They rock!
by nation161 March 19, 2006
65 61
A college located in New Rochelle, NY, in suburban Westchester County. It is a school with a rising reputation, wireless campus, and strong Honors Program. Although the surrounding area may be lacking, the campus is very well taken care of--construction of new residence halls and a state-of-the-art atheltics center have been completed, leaving behind a modern yet old-world charm on the campus.

The college is 15 minutes away from the train station into Grand Central, providing limitless opportunities for students both during and after their experience at Iona.
Iona College is a growing school with an improving reputation, situated close to New York City.
by nation161 April 03, 2006
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