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A decedent of the velociraptor family, it closely resembles godzilla. The velocichong have ancient tribal rituals which involve drinking a specially brewed 'herbal' green-tea. Once consumed, it transports the velocichong over the dark side of the moon to candy mountain, where enya is heard and one must dance around with sparkers. The velocichong moisturizes regularly, and is very clean due to the little cleaning woman it stores in a hidden vortex chamber, located on it's back.

Chad: I couldn't hand in my 750 word court report at 4:00pm because my velocichong ate it.


Nat: I just met this velocichong claiming to be the godzilla of little asian lays. Absurd.
by nathurnal May 05, 2009
The way in which a cyber siblincest couple create offspring. The pair must recite this ancient voodoo poem:

"1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish,
make some cyber siblincest children fish"

And then BOOM... BABIES!

The magic of cyber siblincest Lawnication is that it will always result boy/girl twins, who will be forced (by their parents, who due to siblincest, actually have 27 chromosomes) into carrying on the siblincest tradition.
nat: "chad i think we are lacking in $900 government cheques"

chad: "perhaps if we have some kids, we will be eligible for some sort of family bonus package"

nat: "good thing with lawnication, we will be eligible for that cash just after reciting this poem.."
by nathurnal May 13, 2009
Involuntary jittering movements brought on after inhaling, ingesting (sometimes even just breathing) something. This acts to heighten the enjoyment of said 'something', but can often lead to a life of being laughed at brought on by the comical nature in which it is performed.
Nat: *takes a sip of green tea*
Chad: *also takes a sip.. then J-Jitters*
Nat: GRRRR.... *punch*
by nathurnal July 01, 2009
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