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First there was rockin', then rockage, then bitchin', and now bitchage. Basically means it's fucking awesome.
"We're going to the concert tomorrow"
by Nathan Hulsey November 02, 2006
One who is your gf / bf, but you don't love them (yet).
I asked her out last night...she's my fuzzy panda.
by Nathan Hulsey October 16, 2006
Kings are almighty and powerful. With the might of many kings, it's a strong standing.
"We need to order pizza" "I agree with the might of many kings!"
by Nathan Hulsey December 03, 2006
Swellow are very clean and pure. A heart of many swellows is that of the purest and kindest. It can be struck down with the might of many kings, or brought up with a love of life.
"Why is he in charge?!"
"Because he will not mislead us..."
"How the fuck do you know?!"
"He has the heart of many swellows"
by Nathan Hulsey January 01, 2007
When something hurts so bad, physically or emotionally, it's like being impaled by a thousand swords.

Often times affiliated with Might of Many Kings (physical), and Heart of Many Swellows(Emotional).
It was going to be so cool when I jumped over the roof, but I missed and fell two stories. It hurt like the pain of a thousand swords.
by Nathan Hulsey January 01, 2007
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