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Just about every STD you can get rolled into one fun fuck over!
"You just got tested right...what do you have?"
"I was positive for Clagonasyphaherpalaidcrabwarts"
by Nathan Hulsey November 02, 2006
Vagina juices from a really roady bitch who obviously needs to clean up. Skank cheese is often time associated with Tuna puss.
Didja fuck her last night? Hell no bitch had skank cheese.
by Nathan Hulsey October 16, 2006
Basically a freeloader; one who always depends on others for anything and never comes prepared.
This is the last time I'm giving you money you roader!
by Nathan Hulsey November 06, 2006
Enjoy all the worst STD's that women can achieve.
Except Crabs...Those are cool...
"I had sex last night..."
"You got clagonasyphaherpalaids didn't you?!"
by Nathan Hulsey November 02, 2006
Also known as a Screenshot. By pressing the prt scr button, your computer will copy your current image. Then go into a program, such as paint, and paste the image. Now just save it and you have your instaphoto!
Dude look at my Minesweeper time in this instaphoto!
by Nathan Hulsey November 06, 2006
When someone says something and you don't want to answer them properly
"Do you love me"
"Beef Tenderloin"
by Nathan Hulsey November 02, 2006
You have a boner from something...It won't go down!!!
Your sister gives me such boneritus!
by Nathan Hulsey November 02, 2006
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