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Something that is very, very cool.
Have you seen the video of the hunter being attacked by the deer?
Yeah, its the dogs balls.
#bitchin' #awesom #totally rad #wicked #radical
by Nathan Burns September 13, 2006
A generic reason to do anything, or get someone to come to a boring event.
I know funerals are depressing but look on the bright side, Hooters is catering.
#catholic guilt #jewish guilt #guilting #persuasion #bored
by Nathan Burns September 18, 2006
To have a large penis.
John Wayne is big leggy.
#mr ed #hose #pipe #schlong #python #dick
by Nathan Burns September 18, 2006
To give a blow job. Named because it looks like someone is on their knees with their hands in front of their face, like in church.
Samanthan was praying to the alien when my mom walked in, , not very cool.
#blow job #hummer #hum job #suck off #loving the alien
by Nathan Burns September 15, 2006
From sports lingo, a shat trick is pooping 3 times in one day.
That Mexican I ate last night didn't sit well. Counting the cock a doodle poo and the two times at work, I got a shat trick today.
#dump #shit #take a load off #poop #drop the kids off at the pool
by Nathan Burns September 18, 2006
Giving a blow job. Similar to praying to the alien, but not necessarily done from the kneeling position.
Sorry we're late, but Maria was loving the alien in the car on the way over. I had to slow down for safety.
#blow job #praying to the alien #hummer #hum job #head
by Nathan Burns September 15, 2006
Similar to an Abe Lincoln, but with white pubes from an older person.
I used to like giving my friends and Abe Lincoln, but now that I'm older they say it looks more like Kenny Rogers.
#abe lincoln #kenny rogers #the gambler #angry dragon #cleveland steamer
by Nathan Burns September 14, 2006
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