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One who prostitutes himself/herself on Facebook by using multiple methods to draw attention to themselves, such as frequent status changes, writing on several different walls, or participating in a ridiculous amount of Facebook activities in a day just to get their name in the newsfeed.
I got on Facebook today and I kept seeing Sally's name in my newsfeed...what a Facebook slut!
by natethegreat58 March 31, 2009
A negative way of referring to Wikipedia, due to the tendency of some users to get sidetracked by the large amount of links in Wikipedia articles, making it impossible to research something in a timely manner.
Joe: "I think I'm going to do some research for my sociology paper tonight."
Wilson: "You said that yesterday, but you just ended up spending 10 hours on Clickipedia."
by natethegreat58 September 10, 2009

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