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best show, evar.

also, part of what defines a seinfeld fan is that you have to despise the show friends.
man 1: hey, do you like seinfeld?
man 2: well, i hate friends
man 1: good man.

george: amazing, i drive them to lesbianism and he kramer brings them back

kramer: i thought we were friends!
jerry: here we go...
kramer: how could you two keep this a secret from me?
jerry: it's not true!
kramer: AH AH AH, enough lying! the lying is through! now c'mon jerry, the masquerade is over.. you're thin, late 30s, single.
jerry: so are you..
kramer: wOOWOODEE DOO *freaks out and leaves*
by nategodd November 12, 2005
Like having a normal hangover, only it is from eating way too much food, not from drinking.
i had the worst zook hangover after the 4 plates of pasta and $50 in Carl's Jr. last night.
by nategodd October 08, 2007

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