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A room in a strip club where you get a bunch of girls for yourself and as much champagne as you want so that you get shitfaced. It normally costs around 100-300 dollars to get in there.
Even though there are hella strippers naked in the champagne room, there is no sex allowed.
by natedoggggggggggg July 07, 2005
a dumb fuck who beleives it is right to explode himself to kill innocent people. Normally arabs. They do it to serve "allah" and the kids do it because they are brainwashed and need to earn their family some money for their life. The stupid bastards are paid to do that shit by terrorists which they have eventually become. They are the biggest treat to man-kind and must be terminated.
That stupid suicide bomber blew up after the dumass was shot by a smart soldier. Good work.
by natedoggggggggggg July 07, 2005
(cock-ix)The area between a mans package and anus, or area between the pussy and anus.
the o.t.s. position envolves a lot of ramming the cockix of a girl.
by natedoggggggggggg July 07, 2005

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