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10 definitions by natedogg

When you're fucking a girl up the ass and piss in it
Ohhh yeah ohhh yeah
ahhh... that was refreshing
by NateDoGG January 27, 2005
1.The mexican escape in north carolina, a mini new mexico.
2.Fuquay High School a mixure of wanna be red-necks and preps, with kids who want to get drunk and lie that they do.
3.Where everyone wants to live and if you opened your window and took a piss it would be on your best friend. And the local hangout is Walmart
Another plot of dirt in north carolina
by NaTeDoGG November 10, 2004
Apathy Club is a place for people who don't really give a shit to gather together and collectively not give shits.

If someone asks you if you want to join Apathy Club and you respond "I don't care" or "I don't give a rat's ass" then you are in.

I wanted to start my own Apathy Club at my school, but I figured nobody would care enough to show up. Plus, I didn't really care that much. There was a lot of paperwork.
Join Apathy Club... or don't... I don't really give a shit.
by NateDogg April 26, 2004
a drifting bafoon who would prefer to fantacize about young boys than work.


chain smoking pedophile
I have seen that creepy unemployed girker standing on the corner with a cigarette every time I drive by.
by natedogg August 08, 2003
1.A person who spends so much time outside their neck turns red.
2.A person who watches "Blue Collar Tv and Comedy Tour" and uses the jokes on it with his budwiser drinking buddies.
3.Some one who spends his money on his tractor and truck or beer.
Jeff Foxworthy, Half my relatives, Litter Trailer Parks across our fine country's southern area
by NaTeDoGG November 10, 2004
BigNig Nations aka the roughest nigga on the streets Stu Nations aka G-Unit aka Stubop aka ass raping camel Felcher
by NateDogg March 26, 2003
Doing the most disgusting trick involving an apple, a piece of string, a yo yo, and his wang
by NateDogg March 26, 2003