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3 definitions by natedog

A person who is levels of magnitude above an uptard.
What you would scream at someone who sits at a green light until it turns red. "Pull out you fucking ubertard!"
by natedog August 30, 2004
1. A voracious lesbian who performs oral sex with such speed and power that she is more like a mower than a muncher.

2. One who performs oral sex on a woman

3. A cross between a Carpet Muncher and a lawn mower
She's a carpet mower, Katie said she would tear you up girlfriend.
by natedog August 30, 2004
A woman's bush that is so out of control and nappy that it is able to block access to the punani even from a carpet mower.
I would have went down on her, but I couldn't get through that brush guard.
by natedog September 03, 2004