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Developed from the mind of my friend, yev is the gangsta word for love.
"I yev ya too"
" I yev ya lots"
by Natasha March 19, 2005
A cross between a squirrel and a sexy goat.
"Whoa Kendra, it's a cross between Niko and Zac?"
by Natasha March 22, 2005
The next "real" lyricist since Pac...
Sexy, real, gifted...Enuff said...
by Natasha September 19, 2003
Noun: (1) A person who wears t-shirts bearing logos such as "Harvard" in hopes that you'll ask them: do you go there and they will respond: "Yeah. I Go There." (2) A person of questionable intelligence. (3) A person who is 'going there' using a particular mode of locomotion such as roller blades: A roller-blading Go There
I saw this 'go there' this morning and he was going there.
by Natasha July 16, 2003
The Jamaican way to say w00t (an expression of happiness or excitement)
Jim: Hey Jamaican mon!
Jane: You are so awesome mon!
Jim: w00tmon!
by Natasha March 23, 2005
When a nearly-kicked see definition of "kicked" bowl lasts longer than previously expected.
I was so upset when he handed me the bowl and said, "it's kicked", but then I took a pull and got a big hit; two hits later, we revelled in our Hannukah bowl.
by Natasha April 24, 2005
To be bisexual, to swing both ways
Nicola was after Joanne and Anthony, she defo drinks from both taps.
by Natasha November 29, 2003
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