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17 definitions by natalie sthoup

Someone who obviously is too slow to edit his own ad.

To see a Snorgtees GUY is the rarest thing on the planet.
Maybe if got a boob job, you'd see him advertising t-shirts.

I guess they just make them t-shirts for gals.
by natalie sthoup July 28, 2010
One of the most funniest words ever. Who came up with it?

Cutest name for a cat.
Mistos Kitty Falafel is the cutest <3
by natalie sthoup July 28, 2010
A genius idea of selling donuts in the back of a car in bumper to bumper traffic.
Originated from Two and a Half Men
...I know! Well call them, stop-and-GO-NUTS!
by natalie sthoup August 06, 2010
A can of Campbell's Chunky Soup with a red cape.
With great soup, comes great responsibility -souper man.
(actually me doing a voice over for souper man)
by natalie sthoup August 05, 2010
(assignment n.) a piece of work that is a pain in the ass to everybody: the person doing it, the person receiving it and importantly the people who recieve the complaints from the person doing it.
Guy: So have you done your hw?
Another Guy: You mean the ass-ignment?
Guy: Yeah, hw's a bitch.
by natalie sthoup August 10, 2010
Where a computer confuses the crap out of you at the start of its use, middle or (may lead to) end.

This term is not just used in direction to n00bs.
1. May occur when the computer has caught the seasonal cold.
Kay: Daimn! 1 virus detected? How do I get rid of it? Why is my computer using hard to understand technical language!

2. May also occur when you download an upgrade to software you use regually.
Kay: Awsome! The new msn! Ok, so i've got to.. why is everything SO DIFFERENT! >_<#

3. Also occurs when high level is obtained from a game and the computer tricks you into believing you have to do something, when you don't and therefore lose.
Kay: Whoo! level 26! Okay, this seems easy, just got t-
Kay: Ugh, im going outside.. *so comfused*
by natalie sthoup August 03, 2010
(known also as BBLunder)
When a person comes online purely to inform you that they'll "brb" or even worse, "bbl".

Sometimes they will appear like they are staying, but their just a little slow at that current time.

Severe cases of brburdens and bblunders are when the person or thing does not return.

This is classified as anIM-ocrite.
(Girl 2 comes online)
Girl 1: Hey! u've finally come online! I've been wa8ing 4 ages..
Girl 2: Brb.
Girl 1: k.

(one hour later..Girl 2 comes back online)
Girl 1: heyy! :)
Girl 2: sozz, brb
Girl 1: sure :)

(yet another hour later.. Girl 2 returns)
Girl 1: woho! ur onlinee :}
Girl 2: hey
Girl 1: omgsh BIG news
Girl 2: :( i gtg, cyaz
Girl 1: k bye
(Girl 2 is offine)
Girl 1 *..bitch*

Girl 2 = BRBurden 2tm!
by natalie sthoup August 02, 2010