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why cant you lot just stop talking about stuff you dont understand why cant people see that everyone is different. Believe it or not some people dress like this because they want to and most of us do have really tough lives and aren't well off but we dont complain about it we just keep ourselves to ourselves and deal with it in our own way when do you see an emo spit in the street or kick a can or yell abuse at you or graffiti everywhere unlike some people i could mention.Let me ask you a question could any of you lot hold a blade to your skin and cut it at will you couldnt,so just think about how much pain you'd have to be in to do some thing like that.
we dont do anything to upset you so why upset us and look down on us like your better and too intelligent to feel emotions and cry.Believe it or not theres this organ in the human body called a heart why dont you use it.
by natalie aka bing March 20, 2007

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