4 definitions by nastynatedogg

the ugliest women or man alive.
That guy had 10 nasty nate's and got the edge on rosie o' donnel. he then came to and shot himself in the head.
by nastynatedogg April 24, 2006
liquid stamina in a bottle
the last time a male lastest longer than 5 mins= alcohol
by nastynatedogg April 24, 2006
a stunt double for frodo in the lord of the rings series. currently resides in fullerton, ca. he is currently a struggling actor who has resorted to low budget gay porn. some of his movies include: "frodo T baggins, lord of the cock rings, frodo does fullerton, down and dirty drwafs on hobbets gay sex rump 27". his voice has been featured on such independent films such as : warren ray's farm fantasies.
we went to the club under a black light and john restivo had gizz all over his pants.
by nastynatedogg April 24, 2006
the hottest women over 40.
i want to get the edge on oprah.
by nastynatedogg April 24, 2006

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