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when you just made a tart, then you make another tart, you retarted.
Lil' Jeffy-"momma, you made 2 tarts, so right now, YOU RETARTED!"
by Nastina September 01, 2005
Popular Asian actor, born October 11, 1973 in Taipei, Taiwan, to a Taiwanese mother and a Japanese father. He's starred in many movies in many different countries due to his fluency in Mandarin, Japanese,Cantonese,and Taiwanese. He also speaks English, as he attended New York Film school for a while, but unfortunately has not starred in any American films yet.He has been called the 'Asian Johnny Depp' for his sometimes quirky choice of film and TV roles and his former teen-idol status (he began his career as a pop singer).In America, he is probably best remembered as Jin in 'House of Flying Daggers'.Also starred in 'Chungking Express'.
Takeshi Kaneshiro is a very talented actor, as well as an extremely handsome man. :)
by Nastina August 13, 2005
a soundboard is a webpage with a whole bunch of little soundbytes on it from interviews with a celebrity or lines from a movie, to be used for entertainment purposes (i.e.- crank calling).
"Nicole is still pissed cuz I had her freaked out for two days after using the Michael Jackson soundboard on her.How can you not recognize Michael Jackson's voice?"
by Nastina August 06, 2005
Controversial book written by Superhead, aka Karrine Steffans, noted dick-sucker and video-ho. Alot of rappers are mad, because she talks about how she gave them head and they don't want thier wives to find out. She keeps the identity of only one of the many rappers she sucked-up secret, she refers to him as "Papa" in the book. Many people are wondering who "Papa"is.
Book enthusiast 1: "Have you read 'Confessions of a Video Vixen' Yet?"
Book enthusiast 2: "Yes, I finally broke down and got it cuz it was on sale! I had to go take a shower after I read it, though! What a nasty slut!"
#slut #groupie #video-ho #papa #karrine steffans
by nastina June 08, 2006
An incredibly easy dance! Just lean back and pretend you are revving up a motorcycle. Invented and popularized by rapper Yung Joc, who can be seen doing the motorcycle in his video, "It's Goin' Down".
"I saw Tom Cruise doing the motorcycle on BET. It was really sad!"
#yung joc #motorcycle #dance #rev #standing still
by nastina June 08, 2006
It's a game! You can play with 2 or more players.This is how you play:
First, pick someone to 'seek'.You can do this by flipping a coin if you are playing with only two players. If you are playing with three or more players, everybody will have to mutually decide who will seek,or you can draw straws. Next, the person who is the 'seeker' has to find a corner, cover his eyes, and face the wall and start counting (I recommend counting to 30,but you can also count to 45 or 100 if you want). While the 'seeker' is busy counting, the 'hider(s)' will hide. When the 'seeker' is finished counting, he will commence 'seeking' for the 'hiders'. The winner is the person who is found last in a hide-and-seek game of three or more, and the winner of a two-person game would naturally be the 'hider', no matter what, as he wins basically by default.
Oh, man! You've GOTTA play
hide-and-seek!It's really cool!
by Nastina August 29, 2005
General Assistance.Welfare for adults with no dependant children.
"Hey, Mom! Give me a ride to the Welfare Office.Since I just turned 18, I gotta go get my G.A.!"
by Nastina July 15, 2005
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