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Slang for pussy. Often said by Norweigians.
Julia's whoha was bruised after Nash attacked it with a remote control.
by Nash November 29, 2004
1. To declare verbal ownership of an opponent in a competition. Commonly used to intensify the suckage of the opponent after a winner(you) has been decided.
2. To own
3. An act of dominating an opponent.
h4h4 I just tr0wned your mom.

A Is Da Man: Sorry bud, I have to go, college is tr0wn1ng me.

Tr0wned by life.

"Man, I just tr0wn3d these guys in DOD!"

"I tr0wn3d a 6-pack last night"
by Nash February 08, 2004
Kitten, but spelled with U instead of E, making it cooler.

It's not a misspelling, it's a way of life.
I like fluffy kittuns.
by Nash August 28, 2004
The cs player that owns your soul..
OMG... did you just see that? Ph03nix killed the whole team!

Wow Ph03niX really pwned me in the face.
by Nash January 29, 2005
usually a male who enjoys sucking on his own genitilia during his spare time. Mixtas also enjoy licking other males behinds especially when they have just been to the toilet (no wipe).
miki is a mixta.
by nash April 22, 2003
An expression of being annoyed or seeing something that is stupid or otherwise bothersome.Usually used at the end of a statement.Used most commonly during internet gaming or chat. Comes from the phrase Good Game.
OMG, Your clan is full of noobs...GG

Wow ur a fucking retard, GG
by Nash January 27, 2005
In general, the word "hyper" means...
Over; Above; Beyond; Excessive
The basic meaning of "hyper" is "beyond" or "above", so it's obvious to use "hyper-X" for the higher-intensity of "X". As we say... Hyperactive man
by Nash May 11, 2003
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