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To burn someone. It f*cks with your soul. The sh*t that makes your soul burn slow. First heard by most people when Nas (the true king of New York) buried Gay-Z's career...look at Gay-Z now...pathetic.
Ether...the sh*t that makes your soul burn slow.
Hahah...Nas just etherized Gay-Z.
(I) Fuck with your soul like ether
(Will) Teach you the king you know you
(Not) "God's son" across the belly
(Lose) I prove you lost already
by Nas March 03, 2005
One of the greatest rappers to live.

-Illmatic (debut album)
-Murking Jay-Z, who is also considering a living legend.
-Settling down and having his daugther (Destiny)
Nas' best album,Illmatic,is undoubtly one of the best albums ever produced.
by NaS March 23, 2005
A mexican shithole gangster town with old people that think its the best town because of past memories when Lompoc was infact good (In the 1800's)
Lompoc Sux Balls
by NAS January 19, 2004
Shoes Designed to grind on railin' ,poles, ats(All That Shit)
Originally seen in a game called
Sonic Adventure 2.With these shoes you not only look stylin' but you can stunt like Tony Hawks.
Wanksta 1:Man I passed by the mall and there was this crazy mutha fucka, grinding on the railin' wit his shoes!
Wanksta 2:You For Real?
by Nas January 12, 2004
To forget about, drop, or let go
"But what about the other girl that was sweatin me"

"Yo just ham it b"
by Nas March 22, 2004
another word for pay phones
"Also, cribs is homes, jacks is pay phones
Cocaine is known as candy, cigarettes is bones"

-Big L
by nas February 16, 2005
Term used by the English meaning "balls."
"You can suck my bollards you American son of a b*$#&!
by NAS March 06, 2004

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