3 definitions by narutard

Idiots who go into #anbudom or Animeone n beg for anime n ask ton of stupid questions abt it like WHEN ISSIT GONNA BE RELEASED
by narutard November 04, 2003
1. Inside joke by Nick Wong
2. Derived from Biangchut meaning sister fcuker to Benchut Ben Teong's nickname from Nick
3. Chut then evolved to become a name to replace anybody's nickname
4. Also evolved to become an exclamatory word. Examples below.
Hey Shaunchut! What time are we meeting tommorrow?

Dammit! Chut man! We could have won!

Don't be such a chut Alex!

No you're the chut! Amandachut!
by narutard November 09, 2004
Benedict(Itashi), Eric(Chuoji), and Barnabas(Konohamaru/NOOB), all retarded fans of the anime series.
Benedict, Eric, and Noobnabas
by narutard November 09, 2004

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