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4 definitions by nardo

A person who can easily be thrown because of shortness.
"I once saw 5 midgits covered in thousand island dressing, so i tossed them into traffic" - Nardo
by Nardo May 05, 2003
Lesbian Dinosaur
"Look at that chick with green spikes. shes some fukking type of lickalotapuss"
by Nardo May 05, 2003
A person who is so ugly they ruin your entire week.
"I really miss my week breaker, ever since that dog attacked her thinking she was a squid i have been having good days."
by Nardo August 22, 2003
when you talk shit about shit, just talking smack.
"i just won the lottery"

ur doing a nardo.
by nardo April 24, 2012