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also known as, hawt dawg. has the most amazing, mind-blowing personality ever imagined. always knows exactly what to say. he knows how to make you smile or giggle, even when you dont want too. he is the one you can chat with all night, and never will there be a dull moment, never. he makes a meannn pea soup! has one of thoses sexy, deep man voices. knows exactly what a girl needs, and wants.
brianopia, is the ideal deffinition of thee perfect person. brian
by nanacabana July 27, 2009
meaning, beyond insane. could also be used to describe something that was effin' hilarious. another way to say, "dude that was wickedd sick"
hahah, that was kuku-bananas! oh my lantaa
by nanacabana July 27, 2009

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