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a cap or cover for a ballpoint pen, marker or other writing instrument or any other device; a lid. (from: to + open "to open"). pronounced: toe-pun
The topen did not fit the pen tightly, so it came off easily and fell off.
by namklaw January 12, 2012
A person who likes to put half-dead cockroaches inside a man's shorts or trousers
"Who's that cribave!?", Jom shrieked when he found a cockroach wriggling inside his shorts.
by namklaw January 26, 2011
A person who sends writes letters, post cards, greeting cards, text messages etc. to him-/her-self, and pretends that the correspondence is from someone else.
Mr. Bean often sent a birthday card to himself. What an ubgook!
by namklaw January 12, 2012
involuntarily defecate usually in one's under-clothing; soil oneself; shit one's pants
Mr. Hervy discovered that he had autodefecated in the midst of an important meeting
by namklaw June 13, 2011

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