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An extra day added to the week in an episode of Doug, created by slowing down the Earth's rotation, which is part of the weekend and probably the day after Friday.
I wish there was a real Funday!
by nameless five August 09, 2005
A poorly organized web site full of insane ramblings, usually centered on the page, which change the color, font size, and capitalization of words at random. They often contain irrelevant links and pictures, page-long alt tags, and animated backgrounds. Such sites tend to be about religion, aliens, conspiracy theories, and dead babies.
These people all seem to be using a standard schizophrenic template.
by nameless five August 10, 2005
1. A fish

2. Misspelling of "crap."

3. In Puzzle Pirates, to play the carpentry puzzle to fix damage to the ship.
1. You caught a crucian carp! Carpe diem!

2. What the fcuk is this carp?

3. Yarr! Two to carp!
by nameless five August 09, 2005
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