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Monko is a word that originated from Japan that is even more offensive than cunt.
Ho mate. Your a monko
by nameless January 28, 2005
All Day I Drink And Smoke
A.D.I.D.A.S. Enough said
by nameless March 17, 2005
The combination of the word burned and the many other hip hop sayings such as shizzle (notice the usage of the letter Z. See You Got Served
Oh Buzzerned, you just got served.
by Nameless August 20, 2004
to insert your male gentiala in a woman's anus; also known as anal sex.
Bill and Mark are fudgepackers
by Nameless November 11, 2003
A manwhore is an excellent word to describe my fellow classmates and such.

A manwhore is a man who's rather slutty.
Gah! He broke up with me to go out with this other chick. Hes such a manwhore.
by Nameless May 21, 2004
Obnoxious people that talk until they make you dizzy.
by Nameless May 21, 2004
Dumbass who lives in my dorm, full name Argo Roos
Argo is a dumbfucked dillhole
by Nameless April 21, 2005

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