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a once great online FPS that has been overrun by cheaters, power happy admins and idiots. most of these people are between the ages of 10 and 13. counter-strike or cs for short used to be a great game requiring brains and quick reflexes but has been turned into one needing the best hacks you can get. VERY addicting despite its problems. if you have never played it before, dont play it, trust me it will fuck up your social life and turn you into a pasty white thin kid with acne and asthma.
If PCP was a computer game it would be CS
by name here October 11, 2004
rapper, producer, dj, used to dj for the beastie boys in th mid eighties, good beats, great producer, talent for rapping is questionable though
dr dre is not a real doctor
by name here June 18, 2004

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