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A meaningless phrase used by adult(?) male Hispanics in Santa Barbara, California. It is mainly used to greet each other as well as annoy passers-by.
Waldo: There she is! EEE!
John: Who are you talking to?
Waldo: I'm talking to you old man! EEE!
John: Dumbass. No me chingas!
Hector: There she is! EEE!
Waldo: EEE! Ha ha ha! EEE!

Non-Hipanic: What the fuck?? ::Scratches head::
by naknumm August 23, 2007
(fuckin I.T.)
The first words you hear when the internet goes down at work, therefore stopping all web browsing.
worker1: Fuckineyetee!! Goddamit!!
worker2: What's the matter?
worker1: Internet is down!
worker2: Oh thats because I.T. is putting in a new server.
worker1: Fuckineyetee...can't they do that on a weekend?
worker2: You were looking at porn again, huh?
worker1: Yeah...
by naknumm March 06, 2008
This happens if you get really wasted at a party and end up in bed with a lumpy sausage-shaped woman. When you scurry to the door you find that it is locked (hence scur+locked) and only she has the key. Thus you end up spending the night with said lumpy sausage woman. Shame on you.
Guy1: Fuck I was so high last nite I ended up with Fannie. I tried to leave but got scurlocked!
Guy2: Ahh sorry to hear that, dude. Theres some Lysol over there.
by naknumm August 23, 2007
California Highway Patrol

Fucking lazy bastards who slow traffic down for no reason.
This breed of cop likes to ticket people just driving to work, rather than catching the truly reckless drivers.
One of the reasons cops are called pigs.
Guy1: Why are you late?
Guy2: Some asshole CHP gave me a speeding ticket.
by naknumm August 23, 2007
The replay of your winning move in a Wii game, like tennis.
I dont wanna keep watching the wiiplay whenever you win. Please hit the "a" button to stop it.
by naknumm August 31, 2007
A small coastal community in Southern California, between Carpinteria and Ventura.
A constant cause of traffic congestion because of it's awkwardly designed freeway access points. Also has a bike path right beside the freeway, which faggot bicyclists in spandex use a lot.
Quite a shitty looking place, even if it is on the coast.
If they bulldozed La Conchita traffic would flow much smoother.
Those fucking cyclists should be run over.
by naknumm August 23, 2007
A person of Japanese and Filipino descent.
Mario is Japalino. His mom is from Osaka.
by naknumm August 31, 2007

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