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1. Naisian/ninja/noob/japenese all mixed together in one person
2. Someone who does hardcore parecore (agressive running) and also jumps off random sofas and or chairs, and sometimes buildings at night
3. Someone with. Eyes so small you can barely tell they have any
4. Someone who likesto plank on tall objects, and likes to sit on street lights secretly and throw water balloons at people from tall bushy trees
5. Likes to pet and yell at squirrels
6.Because they are also naisians they are everyone and or anyone (specifically anyone wwho speaks the ching chong language or if they are named ho han he)
7. Those who speak napenesian
8. Accoridng to napenesians nd nasians, they do not go by. Normal english "hours" they simply go by the noobish old civilized "NOURS"
Dude! You're such a napenese with that fluffy mustache on your lips!!!
by naisianlady1 November 17, 2011
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