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2 definitions by nahlidge508

when a promiscuous male lets a varierty of homosexual strangers (rest area regulars) stick their fists up the eager individuals awaiting ass taking turns and makin the person bust within milliseconds....1 step past a glory hole
karl became horny driving on the highway so he pulled over into the rest area looking to find a troy city puppet session
by nahlidge508 August 18, 2009
12 4
when a gay male sprinkles a generous amount of cinnamon and sugar inside of the ass crack then fucks his submissive partner (grabbin his ass cheeks)while the receipient backs it up so it resembles ren and stimpys powdered toast man flying backwards then lands on the givers face thus making it a sweet rim job
kareem has a sweet tooth so he called his steady boyfriend over for a powdered toast man
by nahlidge508 August 18, 2009
16 21