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Usually refers to disgusting, creepy, horrible "straight" men who festishize pre/non-op mtf transsexuals (more respectfully refered to as trans women). Their interest is doubly fucked for being highly unrealistic - they desire full genital functionality, which is rare and/or undesirable in most trans women, who take estrogen which inhibits genital functioning.

Unforunately the rampant transphobia of our society forces a lot of trans women to go into sex work, where they have to cater to these disgusting shitty slimeballs for a living.

Also used to refer to dykes who fetishize trans men as "really butch" and thus keep dyke cred by not admitting they might be attracted to a man.

note: this term should not be applied to the respectful, non-festishizing partners of trans people.
trans women A: That dude never looked at me twice and now he's macking all over me? Do you know what's up?
trans women B: Unforunately yes. He found out you had the trans. He's a straight-up tranny chaser.
trans women A: Ugh shit. How fucking disgusting! Thanks for the heads-up, I'll steer clear.
by nageese August 10, 2004

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