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slang for them
Tell em' gurl
by Nadine December 13, 2003
slang spelling for you are a
Uza bytch whaa
by Nadine December 13, 2003
adj: a word meaning funny, understanding, sweet, kind, polite, responsible, sensible, sentimental, generous, practical, open-minded... everything that embodies a best friend!
My best friend is the most feebalicious person in the world because she's always there for me, with comforting words; she's the perfect gal!
by Nadine August 05, 2004
A woman's arms that are made for workin' the farm...big, strong, utilitarian.
by nadine November 03, 2003
Teach her
Teacha a Lesson Stephen tell her what she did wrong
by Nadine December 13, 2003
1. To holla
2. Whatever
Okayy....it's up to you (or) okayy..tell em' gurl
by Nadine December 13, 2003
When callin someone good-looking
Needed to take a poop
Shyt He bangin'
God Damn I need to shyt
by Nadine December 13, 2003

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