24 definitions by nadia

he's a poet that captivates our sea-tossed souls
we surrender to His Infernal Majestry...
by nadia December 25, 2003
irsa is my best friend ..
she's soo cool ...
she's laughs and screams ..
she's nachos and jamaica water ..
she's dreams and cigarrtes ..
irsa is always there ...
she's made of clouds and vanilla ..
she's a hug when i'm sad
she's a smile when i'm mad ..
irsa is everything a friend can have ..
it dosent matter if she's happy it dosent matter if she's sad ...
irsa is my best friend the only one i will ever have ....
love u irsa !!!!

wow !! u r soo cool is your name irsa ??
by nadia June 14, 2004
cops are coming
by nadia October 24, 2003
Not the girl next door
way kewl-too kool for skewl
However has a roof above the "a" in her name
yo Dr Jones
Dr Jones
Calling Dr Jones
dr Jones Dr Jones wake up now!
by Nadia February 03, 2005
The term for being 'high' on a hallucinogen (Usually Ecstasy)
"Amanda was sketching so bad she drank an entire carton on orange juice"
by Nadia July 09, 2004
Derived from the condom brand 'Sheik'. An expression used to describe a faulty or defective condom that, due to (usually unconcious) puncturing or size problems, well, leaks during intercourse. Usually used in conjuction with a girl getting knocked up.
"You really should get a vasendectomy, one day that leaky sheiky is going to come along and you two will be screwed"
by Nadia July 09, 2004
A way of voicing a mental note when other people are around. It could be a lesson learned, a picked up piece of information, etc.
(After stepping into mud): "Note to self, don't wear Nike shoes in the forest next time!"
by Nadia July 09, 2004

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