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Another word for vomit
The next door neighbours cat spewkied up a pair of car keys on my doorstep.
by Nada March 29, 2003
Its when after you finger a girl and you suck off her clit juice.
I performed bedio on amanda.
by Nada April 08, 2003
bad trip

synonym: thrill ( my definition )
caused by the use of some drugs
by Nada January 06, 2005
One Crazy fuck
D00d take a look at Shuugo (is a nickname)
by nada July 29, 2003
A phrase used when indicating to someone that they want them to talk.
"talky talky"
by Nada March 29, 2003
nice and smooth trip induced by some drugs

antonym: airplane rage
especially with good XTC and MDMA, considering also the environment and the quantities ;-)
by Nada January 06, 2005
The lowest form of life on planet earth. Makes a douche bag look intelligent! Blows dead Japs on the Burma Road. Eats shit sandwiches.
Pardon me...I have to take a pando!
by Nada February 15, 2004
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