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1. A variation of the Mexican Spanish word "chingado", the past participle of the verb chingar, meaning to rape, violate, or fuck. Literally, chingao means fucked up.

2. Chingao is also used as an exclamation of suprise, lament, or as a basic gap filler. The use of this particular prononuciation of the term chingado, is most common in North Mexico and in the Southwestern U.S. from Eastern Arizona down to South Texas.
Look at that vato's ride, it don't have a bumper and the rearview mirror is in the passenger seat, esta todo chingao, vato.

Chingao, bro you fuckin scared me with that shit.

You couldn't pick up any fajitas b/c the store was closed? Chingao, we're just gonna have puro sausages at the bar-b-que.

(after long story and uncomfortable silence) Chingao, pues, I tell you what vato, I gotta go.
by nacote January 10, 2005
1. (noun) An old spanish colonial outpost near an ancient indigenous settlement of the Tiwa people located in North Central New Mexico, that has become a magnet for artists, hollywood types, old hippies, and Californian new age yuppies in search of tranquility and "culture". Taos is a year round outdoor destination for skiers, boarders, golfers, outdoorsmen or all types, backpackers, mountain bikers, and other assorted outdoor enthusiasts who would like to justify their ungodly expenditures on North Face and REI equipment.

2. (noun) A defunct clear malt beverage that was marketed to young women in the 1990s precursor to Zima
So, my parents own this time share in Taos, and we totally love to hang out with the indigenous Chicano people who live in the pueblo, because I think its totally cool to want to preserve cultures and stuff and like the environment, so I went mountain biking up to this ancient holy site, and there was crazy vertical....

That girl got totally fucked up on a six pack of Taos and she made a nasty mess in the bathroom.
by nacote January 14, 2005

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