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JMN is a term coined by speculative modeling extraordinaire "The Wooksta!" It is an acronym for Joyless Modeling Nazi.

A JMN is (almost always)a grown adult who dares take plastic models seriously; having forgotten what was fun about it to begin with. They have all the resources and knowledge in the world to become respectable hobbyists, but have the creativity of a free-range garden slug.

JMN behavior can be broadly described as anal retentive, and can stem from insecurity resulting from having a small penis.
JMNs are:
Anyone who can sit through a seminar about Messerschmitt] Bf 109s without falling asleep

A guy who buys more than one Airfix TSR.2 but will only build them in historically accurate paint schemes.

The snooty clerk at the hobby store who faints when you buy a rare OOP Aurora model kit from the 1960s only to chop it up and turn it into a flying submarine robot.

Any jerk at a modeling club who says contests are for "Serious Modelers only"(meow)

The nerd who collects video stills from every possible angle of the USS Enterprise-D in order find out where the septic tanks flush out and modify his AMT kit accordingly.
by nachoman May 24, 2006

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