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Wicked tight pornstar featured by groups like twisties.com and macandbumble.co.uk, looks like she never spedns a day indoors (even on the job).
'omg that shit looks just like kyla cole man. Im a go ask her whats up.'
by nVidia July 29, 2006
Stands for Pimp Squad Clique, includes Southern rap artists such as TI
PSC ftw n****, holdin it down round here, hookin you up
by nVidia July 29, 2006
the ultimate World of Warcraft databank/reference, similar to Google. It is a search engine that is extremely helpful to players of WoW, finds NPCs, locations, drops, statistics, opinions, strategies, maps, locations, classes, races, etc. A tool critical to making lvl 60.
*In game*
pally: x( that robotic chicken isnt here anymore, we'll never finish this quest!
Warior: np, chill while I Thottbot it, just don't let me be ganked hommes.
by nVidia July 29, 2006
Sea creatures form the MMORPG World of Warcraft, often mistaken for players being racist, see nigga
Warrior: Dag, I b @ the graveyard, I just agroed like four nagas, they gang-beat me cause I got too close to their truesilver11!!1!!!!!1
Pally: lolz rofl
Warrior: ??? o sh*t! my bad
by nVidia September 09, 2006
cross between sombody who is both a tool and a noob, a huge insult that nobody has ever thought of yet... until now! Similar to a gulible fool who looks up the word gullible in the dictionary after being told it isn't there.
only a true toob would ever bother to look up the word toob on urbandictionary.com
by nVidia July 29, 2006
to bust, blaze, fire, or shoot ones 'guns', usualy rapidly or violently, and often senslessly. Can also be used sexualy.
1.Yo, sum sh*t done popped off at Murder Ridge, I'm a go chick it out, see if one of our souljas was injured.

2. I woke up the neighbours by poppin' off at the target in my backyard last night.
by nVidia September 10, 2006

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