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An overwhelming surge of excitement triggered by something incredibly lame including--but not limited to--math, computers, or video games.
Nerd: OMG I just beat the 3rd sub-boss in level 19!!

Regular Dude: Easy, cowboy...after your done creaming ur pants from ur nerd orgasm let's go to that party--we're gonna be late.
#nerdtacular #nerd #orgasm #dork #nerdy
by n3lson June 30, 2010
This is an acronym for Sober Healthy Dinner Night. When two or more people go out together to enjoy a healthy dinner and each other's company, without drinking.
"I'm gonna have to bail tonight--I really need to detox"
"No sweat, let's just have SHDN"
#sober #healthy #dinner #night #detox
by n3lson November 08, 2012
Access to a particular set of information granted on the basis of having a vagina.
Nora: Sorry Andy, that's classified.
Andy: Pssh, classified schmassified, I have a clearance.
Katilynn: Haha, what gives you clearance?
Andy: Haha c'mon I know you both love me, don't fight it. But if you must know, it was the TSA.
Katilynn: Bahhaha you have to have a vagina to know this business :) sorry Andy.
Nora: Vaginal clearance is required.
#vaginal #clearance #classified #access #top secret
by n3lson March 13, 2011
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