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a cucumber that sold that sold out, sold his/her soul to the devil...and the devil was dill
mini evil cu of cumber
by n333m October 20, 2004
Vanderhoof is a skate park in toronto ontario (canada) It is also the name of the street it is on.
It has a great bowl but a shitty street set up
Vanderhoof has a nice bowl but theres a crack above the 6 set and the ledges are warped.
by n333m September 05, 2005
by n333m August 24, 2004
the blonde jokes started because the orignal blonde hair dies were so stroong they would actually kill brain cells, all the jokes were suppose to be towards bottle blondes but the dies have been changed a lot since then so theres no need to make the jokes anymore. But u can still make fun of the irish
the scandinavian country have some of the greatest and hardest education plans and a lot of them are naturally blonde.
by n333m August 28, 2004
cron day, smokey the pot day, the time of day hippies in the 60s used to smoke up so they used the time of day as code so they could talk infront of people about it, and my BIRTHDAY :D
april 20 = every1 should get high
4.20pm = time to smoke a reefer
by n333m August 23, 2004
ugly things attached to your feet that you always end up stubbing forcing you to swear like a drunken sailor.
feet nibblets,
foot jam makers,
the fingers long lost brother
by n333m August 23, 2004

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