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An amazing book written by Aldous Huxley, Its mainly about the a drug / root called peyote and another drug called mescaline. The book was so impacting it infulanced amazing talents.
Such as jim morrison who later on named his band witch is now considered one of the greatest rock bands ever The Doors
by n333m October 24, 2004
a natural chemical your pancreas creates to regulate your blood sugars
if you eat pixie sticks you pacreas is going to have to work harder, if it doesn't work you have to take insulin injection
by n333m August 30, 2004
one of the evil sciencetist behind the making of the nargy and the mayo maker
also none as R.T.G
or the dumbass that cant die
by n333m August 28, 2004
The reaction that happens when a person see a gibson les paul.
I cannot play my gibson les paul guitar for too long or i will need new pants.
by n333m October 24, 2004
a cucumber that sold that sold out, sold his/her soul to the devil...and the devil was dill
mini evil cu of cumber
by n333m October 20, 2004
when u mix shibby and hobbits u get a shobit is a stoner hobbit, the first shobit was created by Dr. R.N.H
mini me's stoner buddies,
how santas elves make him fly
by n333m August 28, 2004
a stupid word i said when i was high on life meaning just trust or belive me.
RYAN- dude just trusify just trustify.
will-*smacks head*
by n333m August 25, 2004
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