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2 definitions by n. turk

not to fuck, but to insert fingers in vagina and provide pleasure by rubbing and usually finding the clit to masterbate for her.
see finger
i was at this gurls house last night and after we were kissing i gently got my fingers into her pants and frigged her.
by n. turk March 04, 2005
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Total Request Live

show on mtv in which they show music bands on monitors to a fairly small crowd, also rating them from from the top ten (one being the highest). America TRL Located in building in central NYC with large glass windows so crowd outside can cheer and hold signs to whoever cares to look out the window. It features guest celebreties that appear on the show and take minigames that the celebrity plays for audience entertainment and so the convo doesnt go dead. usually scheduled during the evening around 5:00 eastern time for live show. Television show usually for ages 12-16 year olds.
fag: TRL is showin some celebrity at 5 o'clock today
stud:who gives a shit, lets go bang some chicks
by n. turk March 23, 2005
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