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A dukadeegan is similar to a beast, but it is more enhanced.

For instance, a Beast is an amazing, cool, awesome person.

A Dukadeegan is a godly, cool, amazing, awesome, insane, x10 person. There is a difference!

(Pronounced DUKE-A-DEE-GHAN)
I said to my brother,


he said

"beast ill eat your kids"
by n-raddicus June 03, 2005
Just like in a video game, a Beast is well, a Beast.

An awesome, cool, amazing person.
"Duke, hes a beast!"
"Duke i done knowz done donts even needs to tells mes"
by n-raddicus June 03, 2005
A slang term used by gangsters ONLY.
"Yo duke was you doin?"
"nuthin beast"

See BEAST as well
by n-raddicus June 03, 2005

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