2 definitions by n wangster d

A car that should be respected by all americans even if they drive ricers.

A car that will go 0-60 in 5 seconds but will guzzle gas 20x faster than a honda
Hey man did you see that muscle car beat that civic? Ya man but look he's at the gas staition again.
by n wangster d October 09, 2003
Should be A car from japan that people soup up by doing engine mods that include an intake exhaust WITH A MANAFOLD fule pump light weight fly wheel, ignition control and new chip.

commonly confused with pepole who mess it up for real tunners and put a 30 tube on for an in take and a muffler with the stock 1/4 inch pipe and then put a sticker on and paint the engine block with spray paint that they oversprayed onto the radiator.
Dude that civic that looks stock just smoked jimmy's tricked out ride how did he do that man, I mean jimmy's got it all a spoiler, intake, muffler and he's got that NOS sticker to man. wonder what that other guy had?
by n wangster d October 09, 2003

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