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A guitarist that many consider overrated although he deserves every bit of recognition he gets: Jimi started playing guitar at the age of 12 and played until his untimely death at age 27 yet he still accomplished more than any other guitarist ever and there are many professional guitarist that have been playing for longer twice the length of time jimi was alive that still have not come anywhere close to hendrix level.

People are still listening to Jimi 40 years later because of the shit that we call "music" today & because he was the most amazing: musician, guitarist, & person that ever lived.

Sadly Jimi's less played stuff is extremely underrated in comparison to his overplayed stuff. Even know his less played stuff is amazing in comparison to everything else ever (Jimi > Everything else) people still only want to listen to purple haze because they are posers.
Guy 1: Buckethead is the best guitarist that ever.

Guy 2: you are a fucking moron. *hands guy 1 a hendrix cd*

Guy 1: *listens to cd* Buckethead is a piece of shit.

Guy 2: Well, in comparison to Hendrix everything is a piece of shit.
by n dav January 26, 2008
Hendrix is a Guitar God, he can play better with his teeth than most can play with there hands.
by n dav January 27, 2008

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